Chrissie Cremers
Creative Management, Art Direction & Design


Chrissie Cremers is an independent senior multi-disciplinary designer specialized in Brand Merchandise Design, Product Design, Branding, Creative Strategy, Art Direction, Graphic Design and Copywriting. 



I'm Chrissie

I'm in love with creating

I will always keep my eyes on your future,

but I won't forget the heritage from your past. 

I’m a designer with a multi-disciplinary background. I'm a concept builder with a strategic mind and a long-term focus. I'm a maker. I'm a doer. And sure - I have been caught dancing, but I always deliver on time.

History :

After finishing my Master's degree in Communications at the University of Amsterdam in 2004 - where I majored in journalism and creative writing - I decided I needed to balance out my text wired brain with a two year visual course in Interior Styling at the Artemis Styling Academy. It was this academic experience that kickstarted my design endeavor. During the five years following my studies I have passionately worked in the field of interior decoration, editorial styling and interior design. Early in my career I was offered the honourable chance of becoming resident stylist at ELLE Decoration UK in London, and was later represented by Angelique Hoorn Management as a stills stylist & set dresser. As an interior designer I have worked mainly in the high end private sector and have designed and implemented kitchens, architectural features, furniture and bathrooms. In 2009 the opportunity arose of becoming Art Director (later Creative Director) at rug firm Perletta Carpets where I have worked with great pleasure. It was here that I was initiated in the fields of branding, creative management and product design. Two years later I took on a similar job at I AM JAI where I rebranded the former Joes Company to the socially responsible jewelry brand that they are now. My love of product design and creative production was born in 2013 when I started my own eco-friendly souvenir brand: Greetings From NL. In 2015 the seed of a fruitful, long-lasting and joyous collaboration with the A'DAM Toren was planted and in 2016 I created a logo, website and beer label for a sparkly Indonesian Pale Ale named MAS*MAS. I've been on numerous other adventures and I have taken on many other endeavors which I will not bore you with right here, right now. But if you're interested in knowing, I'd be happy to tell you my story...


Currently :

Since April 2017 I've been employed at Fasten Beauty Creators. Exploring the fields of the beauty and cosmetics sector as Head of Design. I'm always on the lookout for creative talent, send me a note when you think you have something to offer.